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Affordable Concrete Removal Services in Calgary

We're Your "ACE" in the Hole!

Whether your construction project is large or small, the aftermath can be messy. That’s why Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting offers concrete removal services, either by hand and wheelbarrow or by utilizing skid steers and dump trailers. We provide a reliable one-stop solution for concrete removal with the proper equipment and safety procedures. Using our skid steers and dump trailers, we can safely, cleanly, and quickly remove the concrete from the site. We will make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Our team of seasoned specialists can provide you with quality and affordable concrete removal services in Calgary. Contact us today.  

What is Concrete Removal?


Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting offers a complete solution for concrete removal in Calgary. Our team, with many years of experience, can carry out this challenging task with all safety precautions without causing any unwanted accidents. Get in touch with us today to know more about our services.

Procedure for Concrete Removal


Concrete removal is a process which requires a professional team with years of experience, so the process is completed smoothly.  Contact us today for all your concrete removal needs.

  • Concrete slabs

Use tools such as a jackhammer and a sledgehammer to break the concrete slab into smaller pieces. Wear goggles, masks, and gloves while using tools. Start breaking concrete from the corner, and proceed according to a grid pattern. If you find metal wire mesh, use an angle grinder.


Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting ensures customer satisfaction and safety. Check out our projects for more information.

Tools Used for Concrete Removal


Here are the main tools you need during the concrete removal process:


  • Jackhammer

  • Sledgehammer

  • Crowbar

  • Shovel

  • Wheelbarrow

  • Skid steer

  • Dump trailer

Reach Out to Us


Contact Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting for trustworthy concrete removal services in Calgary. Our team is detail-oriented and offers customized solutions according to your needs.

Concrete Removal Services

Removing the debris and waste left behind by construction and excavation projects is hard, so let Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting in Calgary help you with it.

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