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High-Quality Concrete Coring Services in Calgary

We're Your "ACE" in the Hole!

Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting has the expertise and specialized equipment it takes to get the precise core needed to complete your next renovation or commercial project. Our concrete coring services in Calgary can be a great solution for your coring needs.

The hero image above is a good illustration of line drilling. Depending on your job requirements, line drilling is an option to make an opening in the concrete when overcuts or a confined space doesn’t allow for other applications. 

Generally, holes are required through solid concrete walls to run piping, ventilation or electrical conduits. With holes ranging in size from 1”-24” diameter through an assortment of depths using a variety of hi-cycle, hydraulic, handheld or stand-mounted drills that offer fast drilling of reinforced concrete, brick, block and stone.  

At Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting, we have all the necessary tools and skillset to serve commercial as well as residential clients with the same high standards. Talk to our team about all your coring-related requirements today.

What is Concrete Coring?


Generally speaking, concrete coring is the process of extracting a cylindrical section from a concrete structure for various purposes. Concrete coring is often required to provide adequate space for water pipes, sewer pipes, communication lines, electrical wiring, and other utilities. Some other applications of concrete coring are:

  • Air circulation

  • HVAC openings

  • Computer lines

  • Lighting fixtures

  • And more


Are you looking to learn more about our concrete coring services in Calgary? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We also offer chop sawing services.

How Concrete Coring Works


Concrete coring uses a diamond-shaped drill to carve a perfectly-round hole in a concrete structure, such as a wall or ceiling. The device can drill holes at any vertical or horizontal angle, making it an incredibly versatile process. We can also use it to drill holes in sensitive locations and confined spaces.


We invite you to learn more about our past projects to see how we've helped other clients like you.

The Benefits of Concrete Coring


Still can't decide on choosing concrete coring for your next residential or commercial project? We invite you to consider the many benefits that it offers:


  • Accuracy: The diamond drill for concrete coring provides maximum accuracy in the coring process. It can drill any hole accurately without making a mess.


  • Speed: The drills used in concrete coring work are efficent, which means a faster drilling process. The coring process will enable you to create a hole for your project quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.



Want to learn more about concrete coring? We invite you to connect with our seasoned team.

Get in Touch


At Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting, we're always welcoming new clients. We seek to build long-lasting relationships with you, which is why we adhere to the strictest quality and safety standards. Please speak to get a quote or to make an appointment. We can help you with concrete removal, slab sawing, wall sawing and much more.

Concrete Coring Made Easy

We offer hassle-free concrete coring in Calgary for residential and commercial projects.

Here to Help

Whether you’re renovating or beginning new construction, trust Ace Coring & Concrete Cutting for all your coring needs.

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